5/27/04: REPORT: KS Morning Storms

Joey Ketcham

Just got back from being out observing some passing storms, typically I don't chase at night - but I'll spot at night on certain grounds (if the cell is isolated and not multiple and I know exact location).

Anyways storms had hit southeast Kansas already earlier Wednesday evening, the first batch produced just marginal severe weather and died out before they got to my county (Crawford Co. KS). Another cell had developed out west near Independence KS which looked to have been dying down, but I took notice to the increase of strength as it neared the county.

So I decided to head north on highway 69 and observe the storm just outside of Arma KS. Where I was at, the storm would be passing just to my north.

At about 12:40 AM the NWS out of SGF issued a tornado warning on the storm with radar indicated rotation just NW of Walnut. Using my new WX WORX system I was able to project the path of the storm and it had it crossing highway 69 (in front of me) about 2 miles up the road. With the storm heading due east, I was out of harms way so I stayed put as it was my best bet.

About 1 AM I first observe rapid rotation off to my NW and shortly after it began crossing highway 69 just 2 miles ahead of me the winds picked up to 60+ MPH and it began to rain pretty hard so I backed south towards the dog track north of Frontnace KS with winds blowing 50-60 MPH.

Just as I hit highway 47 and 69 junction the power went out for all of Franklin KS and Arma KS, remember Franklin KS is one of the towns that was destroyed by the May 4th, 2003 tornadoes.

I got to, I think it was 600 Ave. and highway 69, and stayed put there with winds continuing at 60MPH. At this point a billboard on the other side of the road was knocked over and a powerline snapped. The funnel didn't touch down on the KS side but over around Lamar Mo spotters and law enforcement reported that it had touched down and was a tornado.

Needless to say, SE KS was spared with minimal damage.. but definately a wild night!

Just thought I'd share.
There's not really a thread for my report, but KS is closer to MO than TX is.

Yesterday evening, about 8ish, I was on the phone with a friend. It was sunny and warm. She looks out her window and says, wow, you should see the black cloud coming towards me. I walk outside and see a wall cloud a bit to the NW of me. Then she says, WOw, the wind just picked up. OMG it's rotating. I tell her I'll let her go, and go to the computer to see if there are any storms in the area. (She sometimes exaggerates or gets overworked about storms, plus I had checked the radar earlier, and no storms were in the area). I start to dial up the computer, when all of asudden, the wind picks up from almost nothing to a strong gust. I run outside, look up, and she was right. The clouds are churning overhead. This storm is right on top of me, so I grab my camera, my dog, and push my boyfriend out the door. WE jump in the car, and fly down to the storm shelter in the trailer park I live in. We stood outside the shelter, watching the clouds swirl over our heads. It looked like it tried to form a funnel, but it never dropped.