5/18/06 REPORTS: TN

Jun 22, 2005
Fall Branch, TN
Good Day, Chasers.

On May 18th, Thursday 2006, a cluster of severe thunderstorms rounded NE and SE TN, producing violent winds, large hail and a unconfirmed tornado, in Rogersville. I was at my home, in Washington County, TN when all of a sudden I saw a pretty strong storm moving over Hamblen County (two counties to me west), which had extremely sligh mid level rotation, sporting a meso ring, on GRLevel3. I got a bit excited, as I saw it was moving towards me. I went outside to check my west, and I saw a front that looked close to a supercell, however we all know shelf clouds, can sometimes emulate the way supercells look - structure wise. It moved closer, and as it did so the shelf cloud became more and more defined, and more photogenic. I had to use longer than normal shutter speeds to compensate for the darkness, seeing as the sun had just set, and there was very little light out. The lightning was sporadic, and changed positions every second. The base, was very rugged, and emulated that of a whales mouth. As the shelf cloud passed over my exposed body, the wind began to pick up, and started blowing a few plants over, and trees, leaned almost horizontal, rain was pouring so hard, it caused paunding on the windows. Then, hail started to fall, it emulated sleet, and the largest I saw in my region was Pea size, nothing larger. However, as the storm was moving across Hamblen County, it produced quarter size hail, and knowingly as it moved further east towards me, it encountered even more complex terrain, which caused it to weaken. It was really exciting and entertaining. A good sign of spring here.

These are the photographs I managed to take before the conditions got so bad, that my camera would have been destroyed:














I apologize for the rather messy stitching job, I will go back later and change them if I get the chance, and do it with more precision.

(The forum said I posted to many images on here, so I had to change them to links, sorry -- nothing I can do.)