5/18/06 FCST: OH, IN, KY, WV

SPC MD 0889 is predicing a risk upgrade to slight in this region.

Hail is likely to be the most severe risk but with LCL heights low it should be at least a scenic day for stormchasers in the area.

The last few days have seen frequent rain in this area and there is plenty of moisture to work with. SPC is predicting weak heating but what I have seen so far would count as moderate heating in my area. Although these cells that develop are likely going to cluster rather than remain discrete it should be somewhat interesting regardless.

With the rotation around the low over the last few days the cells that have developed have been almost severe slightly discrete, close to the surface and enjoyable.

If you are in the area take a look outside gives us something to do while we wait for more strong severe storms at a later date.