4/14/2006 REPORTS: Northwest OK

These are the days I absolutely love to chase. I intercepted a photogenic supercell between Roll and Leedey late afternoon 4/14. I left DDC around 3pm after watching things fairly closely in the morning. After I got home from running some early afternoon errands, I noticed a small area of towers on the 1kmVis amidst the SCT-BKN cirrus. Radar revealed a small 50dbz core along the TX-OK border along the Canadian river. This was my target. I got down there in just under 2 hours in time for supercell-genesis. The storm very much reminded me of my 2002 May 04 chase near Medicine Lodge where a lone high based supercell developed in mid 50s dewpoint environment. The storm revealed beautiuful tiered, circular structure with near constant low grumbling in the upper portions of the storm. The sounds and sights overlooking open farmland cannot be matched! The storm met its demise on its approach to Putnam in southern Dewey County with a very picturesque hail shaft descending from the shriveled up circular updraft. Clicked the shutter about 200 times.. here are a few images:

90° Stitched pano of 4 photos.
Vertical photo of supercell updraft near Leedey, OK
Supercell with rainfoot over open country
Supercell weakening with impressive hail shaft
400mm zoom-in at top of Cb with nascent pileus

more photos and detailed account will be posted on my website later


Mike U