30 year anniversary - Omaha Tornado - TODAY

My memories of that particular day were mostly the radio reports that were reporting the current location of the tornado real time and live.

I was finishing up a semester at Peru State College in Peru Nebraska on that day. It was a warm sultry, humid day. A large bank of clouds swept past Peru on its way north towards Omaha and I remembered a really dark cloud base that passed by.

Later I was sitting by my stereo radio listening to the radio reports as they reported the location and the damage of the tornado as it ravaged Omaha on that fateful day. One of my college classmate and I were sitting in a bar in downtown Peru later that night. He found out the curfew area they set up in Omaha happened to cover his parents home. He couldn't drive home that night and had to stay overnight.

That was probably my closest encounter with a F-4 twister on that day. 8)
Thirteen years old--on the back porch of our apartment at 132nd & Center eating hailstones. Didn't see a darn thing--about five miles and two hills away.

I had moved to Omaha about one month after the big '75 blizzard, and within three months there were two tornadoes within five miles of my home. Nebraska weather was kinda neat...!