3/9/07 REPORTS: OK / KS / AR / TX

Just ended a quick little chase. Got on SVR storm near Vinita, OK (NE OK). Had great structure and lightning w/ quarter sized hail. All in all a great close to home chase.


Not much to report here, Tyler Costantini and I intercepted a small storm that passed through the county we live in - Crawford - here in KS. We basically just followed it from south of Arma to Pittsburg getting into heavy rains and dime size hail. Nothing severe.
Early AM Wichita Falls Lighnting

I wsnt on the Eastern Oklahoma storms but I did catch some great lightning from some weak storms that moved into the Wichita Falls area Friday about 5:30am. Photos can be found on my myspace profile pics. The link to my myspace page can be found here.


First lightning pics of the year and they were not bad. I am surprised such weak cells had such vivid lightning. Lightning was not frequent but it was vivid when it occured. Wichita Falls only recorded a trace of precip as well.

Last March a similiar storm passed into the area producinf .01 of precip and occasional yet vivid lightning that night as well.

Photos by Jason Brock
Pics of 3-9

Well Joey Ketcham and I followed this South throught Pittsburg, KS

You can see the ground covered with pea-dime size hail.


Here is a Radar Screen of all the hail reports we called in.