3/7/06 Reports: OK/KS

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Mike Hollingshead

Winfield/Wellington storm was pretty high based(maybe it wasn't very early on, I don't know...but I assume it had to be).

I toyed around with that boundary from Wellington to Winfield when I finally said screw it and got a room. The second I got all my stuff in the room that stuff went up sw of Wellington. After a few minutes I carried everything back out and hooked it all back up(while being rained on no less) and went south. I found a spot nw of Arkansas City and watched it approach. It was fairly rounded but the base was very high. As it got closer to Winfield it died out. It did so pretty quickly. It was fairly well electrified and then rapidly all lightning activity quit. I then talked to a security guard for a good while. I was shocked he said he had never seen a storm chaser around this area. Hmmm. I then drove back north to my room and here I am. I hope tomorrow is better.