3/7/06 NOW: OK/KS

Cell Developing in Kay, County OK

Looking at GRLevel3 radar, looks like something trying to pop to the east of intersection of I-35/US-177 in Kay County, OK. SW of Arkansas City moving ENE. Time on radar 6:22PM.
Storm developing south of Wellington

GR3 showing some cells intensifying just a tad down in Sumner County KS south of Wellington. Movment to the NE. Strongest near Caldwell on US-81. POSH: 10%; POH: 70%; Size: .50".
Looks like intiation is underway in a region of 500-1000 j/kg MLCAPE and 300 m2/s2 0-3km SRH. The instability axis remains quite small, even so there appears to be a small window for intensification.
Left Wellington, KS to chase two cells moving NW towards Emporia, KS but could not catch them. Saw some good distant lightning though! Now checked into the Best Western in El Dorado, KS and of course the cell that we left back in Wellington, KS is now the best looking cell in KS at 55-60dbz. Tony L just called and he is blasting out I-70 to chase tomorrow and will be staying in his van overnight as far along the way here as he can get.

Cell is now visible off to our southwest - we may get some lightning shots of it here after dark.
Cell SSE of Wellington showing a hookish pattern over the last couple scans with a meso signature on the back side. Looks like high scan over 70 dbz now? Hope some of our guys are out on this one.
Nice supercell WNW of Arkansas City. Large WER (as of a few minutes ago) and some cyclonic shear. Will be interesting to see how long it can hold up.

Supercell thunderstorm ongoing near Fairview, OK. VILs are in the 70s. Also, fairly strong rotation evident at tilts 2.5 and 3.5. Low level rotation lacking at the moment, which I believe precludes the issuance of a tornado warning.

EDIT: Latest volume scan shows weakening rotation and a possible surge of outflow to the south. It is likely that the storm is beginning a weakening phase.

Looks like Enid might be recieving some broken windshields soon. Pretty large cell, not much for rotation though it did show some recently.