3/18 NOW: Tornado warning in KY

George Tincher

....A little bit of surprise action taking place just N of me as of 6:36 PM EST. A tornado warning has been issued for Fleminging County, Kentucky and just as a I type this the warning has been extended for Rowan County. The storm is showing a TVS on WeatherTap and it has had a persistent mid level meso for a while now. WxTap is also showing hail possibly as large as 1.25". The cell is giving off 60 DBZ returns with a VIL of 35. Considering how cool it feels outside right now, getting a storm like this sort of surprised me. Temps in the storm environment are only 53.6 degrees F with a dewpoint of 48.2. A spotter did report a funnel cloud over Fleming Co. with this cell but this has been a good way for me to get some practice tracking storms!
Dangit! I go through the trouble of saving these images and creating an account for a hosting page just for the purpose of sharing them.....and all I get is the dreaded "red X's". What gives? Oh well...lol. I can never have any luck posting photos on message boards. Ever.
Most of those free sites suck for posting images... they either have a dynamic link that changes or they shut down after too many accesses. I have yet to hear of a good free site for sharing images.

Thanks Tim and Mel. I was using the Yahoo photos page since I had a Yahoo email account still active. Evidently it isn't gonna get the job done though. I'll give the Photo Bucket site a try and see how it works.