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3/13/06 REPORTS: TN

Okay, so where should I begin? I headed out to my west, I was hoping to intercept the first drone of the line, and get to the hail. I drove into Hawkins, then to Granger Co. which were all very dry, and like on my last chase, I had seen many flashes of light in the background, but this one I did not, so I was becoming quite discouraged. I kept driving….and finally ended up in Knox County (Knoxville, TN). It started to sprinkle there…..the time is probably around 8:30 PM EDT. I called Kurt Hulst to see where the storms were he said they were moving into Knox county….but I would have to wait for a while……I waited for a while, and got really bored and based on what he said (that they were on a weakening trend, and would likely continue BUT there was still a chance for lightings ops he said). I decided to drive a little bit more west…it started sprinkling, and then all of a sudden the sky started crying…rain hit the wind shield with tremendous force, it was pretty hard to see there. I saw one and two illuminations in the sky, and no bolts, and I knew it wouldn’t matter because I could not photograph in rain like this. I drove back to the house…and watched the radar the next few scans. I heard some booms…thunder was shaking my houses foundation. I went outside, and beheld beauty.