3/04/06 Reports

First chase report of the year!!

After days of flip flopping the models finally agreed today could see a few marginally severe storms in the Texas panhandle/ West Texas area.

After Kanani and I attend a spotter class this morning for her recertification we headed out SW from Amarillo as the area of hereford to Clovis at our target. As we neared Hereford a nice little tower went up to the west and quickly jumped up to about 50dbz before falling apart. there was still a large cu filed in the area so we headed north on 385 and stopped and sat about halfway between Hereford and Vega so we could head either way. The storm we had been watching pulsed up and down for about an hour before it exploded near Vega. it went from a small leaning updraft to a large LP supercell in about 15 minutes. We headed north to stay with it as vest we could keeping the base in sight. It was moving NE at about 30mph into open range so after about 30 minutes we had to break off of it since we would have had to go through amarillo then north and it would have taken at least an hour to meet back up with it. We dropped back south again through Dawn towards another tower going up between Hereford and Dimmit. this one spit out some CG and pulsed up and down but never really got its act together. Since Kanani is still recovering from her surgery and this was her 1st extended time out of bed she was feeling it so we decided to call it quits. We were able to check out all our equipment including the WxWorx and feel we are now ready for the real season to begin. This was a nice rust breaker. We never experienced hail but there were citizen reports to the local tv stations of some nickels NE of Vega.

Was only able to grab a few pics since we were driving to keep up with the storm as it exploded.

1st tower NW of Hereford

Tower as it starts to explode near Vega

Storm is now severe with citizen reports of nickels NE of Vega

EDIT*** Sorry mods. I posted in the map room instead of Wx and chasing. It was a long day. Whip me with the perverbial wet noodle. wont happen again :oops: