2007 National Severe Weather Workshop

March 1-3, 2007
National Severe Weather Workshop
Norman, Oklahoma

It's not too late (by any stretch of the imagination) to register for the National Severe Weather Workshop (NSWW), to be held in Norman. This is currently the only major weather conference held in Oklahoma, so it's a great opportunity to make an off-season pilgrimage to the chase mecca of the U.S.

The NSWW event will run from Thursday, March 1 through Saturday, March 3. This year they've moved it back to the "Postal Training Center" in east Norman, which colocates the hotel with the conference and puts the event within easy access of all of Norman.

The agenda has just come out in the past couple of weeks, and skimming through the program here's some of the highlights for us chasers and non-emergency types:
* Severe weather threats to large venues, by radar guru Les Lemon
* A talk about radar use, by Kevin Kloesel
* A presentation on severe weather, by SPC forecaster Dan McCarthy
* Storm based warnings, by John T. Ferree
* The Enhanced Fujita scale, by Jim LaDue
* A presentation on cool-season tornadoes in the southeast US, by Jared Guyer
* A spotter class on Saturday afternoon.
* A talk on the wildfires in west Texas last year, from Jason Jordan (AMA)
* A detailed simulation exploring the role of the NWS, the media, and EM during a severe weather event.

Also here's a shameless plug for my Forecast School class, the only scheduled course for 2007. Registration is $75 and includes dinner, plus 5 hours of class, taught by myself and my friends Jim Ladue (NWS training guru, receiving no compensation) and Daphne Zaras, former NSSL webmaster. Chase veteran Gene Rhoden may make an appearance. For more info see http://www.forecastschool.com.

Feel free to use this thread for any discussion relating to plans and personal meetups during the NSWW event.
I live just 2 miles from the NCED center. I'm in an apartment, but if anybody wants to stop by Friday night after the workshop ends for the evening, for a get together, you are more than welcome to come over.

I do have a cat, so if you are allergic, let me know.

PM me so I can get a count on who'll attend.
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