'2006 Hottest Ever in US...

Jordan Hartley

I came across an article from the AP(Associate Press) that I thought derserved a spot on the site. The average temperature for the 48 continous states was 55 degrees Fahrenheit last year which was 2.2 degrees warmer than average and .07 degrees warmer than 98' which held the last record.
Here's the link to the article:

I think its too early to blow the whistle on climate change just yet, but this is a good indicator that somethings is going on and look how strong the last 7 storm systems to hit the United States have been... shoot look at the next 2 that are coming lol. I think next year if the record is broken again I think there might be some concerns but overall its just an average taken over the lower 48 states.
Dan that was a great graphic. You know sometimes im amazed at what ST members post on here... how good the sources are its like yall pull them out of a hat lol. I need one more solid year of what we saw this year when it comes to events that support climate change. I have to be carefull not to vomit at the mouth like I have in the past when it comes to things like these. In my heart I believe we are in the middle of climate change but I need 2 back-to-back years of climate change related weather events like that graphic you put up Dan. The facts are right there and im almost ready to pull the trigger but before I start telling people about it I need to be sold on it and im just not there yet.... but afraid sooner than later I will be.