2 DVD set Storm Chase Highlights 1997-2004 For Sale


After chasing for 7 years, I have compiled an amazing variety of storm video that I have put on a two hour, 2 DVD set. Highlights include the May 29, 2004 Jamestown wedge and other tornadoes, May 24, 2004 Washington Kansas tornado, May 22 Hallam tornadic storm and damage survey, rare and close Virginia tornado, Lipscomb, Texas May 23, 2002 tornadoes and Borger beast, May 26 2002 Oklahoma gustnadoes and the historic May 25 and 26, 1997 tornado outbreaks with the famous 'Dillo-Cam wedge tornado. The 'Dillo-Cam is shown before and after being hit by the wedge tornado along with the search and recovery effort. (Not the 'Dillo-Cam footage) I also included the famous falling tree video in the Hurricane Isabel chase and damage survey. Ride along as I become trapped on Interstate 95, blocked by fallen trees and debris. There are many other storm videos, with times and locations. The bonus section includes more storm video, the 2004 Storm Chaser Picnic, getting detained with several other chasers by government security agents near Amarillo and the beetle invasion of 2001.

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Bill Hark