2/16/06 - FCST: Storm Chaser Convention

Dec 19, 2003
Kansas City, MO
MOD: Please change my typo to 2/16/07.

This is not a joke thread. We may be just a tad too far east at the hotel, but with the abrupt pattern change and a strong upper jet poised to blow orthoginally to the Rockies, we may be within short driving distance of one of Colorado's world reknown severe downslope wind storms Friday. I would not be surprised to see reports of 70-90 mph winds along the eastern slopes/foothills depending on where the mountain wave ends up crashing.


Good 'ol Colorado.

Yep, looks to be a bit windy. Perfect snow eater for the permanent glacier we have here in DEN. Temps, however should be MUCH better than last year-somewhere in the 40s for Saturday/Sunday. Hopefully, there will not be a need to use the 'Samaras emergency power system' this year for the convention.

Ought to be a great time.

Remember: Colorado is 'wonderful' this time of year....

Birds chirpin', flowers blooming, folks on water skiis, cute cheerleaders cheering..

Umm..maybe not.

Bring a coat...and hold tight on the steering wheel if you are driving...

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You'd definitely get a huge draw with the cheerleaders. :)

I'm still a bit timid about driving after the last debacle in '04, but at least it's all Interstate now. I was thinking of taking one of those Southwest $50 flights from KC to DEN, but then I'd have to rent a car anyways.

We'll see ya there, wind and all.