18th coldest July in Chicago.

With the lack of 90 degree highs and the frequency of highs below 70 during this month, Chicago logged another chilly July. If you don't look at annual global temperature increases, there's an argument against global warming. Also, Chicago has not seen 100 degree highs since 1999! :shock:
Detroit set a record low high-temperature a few days ago. Temps barely broke 60F! Upper level low combined with a strong northeasterly flow off the lakes combined for a blustery/rainy day....
I just arrived home from the "city of big shoulders" and can testify that the weather was awesome. Venetian Night on the lake and fireworks aftweward were spectactular, and even today wasn't all that bad for the dog days of summer. In the next day or two I'll post pictures I took of Chicago's new Milleneum Park, which is one of the coolest public park spaces I've ever seen.
August is shaping up to be another cold one. It is early still but it is going to take some very hot days to make it back to normal.

Chicago also set its 78th warmest July. (I'm kidding, but with only a 100 or so years of data it is probably close to that. Not that 18 isn't impressive...it is just average)
Well it is pretty toasty out here on the left coast. But not close to the records - 100F this week is not near the 104 to 108 that marks what is our warmest week of the year.
The state of Missouri shattered a century plus old state record low maximum for the month of July.

I sure hope this summer's jet stream pattern doesn't continue into this winter.

I sure hope this summer's jet stream pattern doesn't continue into this winter.

I do :wink:

Only thing worse than a cold winter, is a cold winter without snow. The way I figure it - Go big or go home...