12/28-12/30/2006 REPORTS: NM, CO, KS, NE, SD Winter Storm

We got approx. 6 inches in Grand Forks, ND with the system. Here are a few pictures:


I just got back from hell(no not the ice storm.......I-80 between Lincoln and Omaha) and thought I'd post these real quick. I'll have a lot more to add at some point soon. This first image is at the rest stop west of Kearney. It was a rather interesting visit there while it was closed down and everyone and their dog(literaly) were using the side of the building to go potty. There was just a weeee bit of ice here.


This one was taken se of Shelton Nebraska, south of I-80. That is barb wire in there. There is probably about 2 inches above the wire with more hanging below it.

Sadly there was too much of this, and in such a massive area. Radio folks were saying it will take months to get everything back to normal. This was se of Shelton too. Or Sheldon? Between Grand Island and Kearney, south of I-80.


South of Grand Island.

More later...
I have a few preliminary photos as well. I will be going out to shoot as much as I can over the next couple of days... and will try to get out to the 20-30" snow areas of southeastern Colorado and far west-central Kansas as soon as it is possible to. Anyway, here are a few shots of the ice around Dodge City area I took today... the sun made things very brilliant, and with temps staying below freezing, there wasn't any melting yet.

National Weather Service Dodge City, KS

8 miles west of Dodge City, KS

near Ingalls, KS at sunset

The gallery page for this event on my website is

I will be adding many more photos over the coming days/weeks as time allows.
Well I drove back out here today(currently in Grand Island) and can say it looks like a disaster. From near Hastings to at least Holdredge NE there's just a ton of electrical lines down. Many areas have poles on both sides and for miles they are all down(both sides). Near Kearney huge round metal transmission lines have collapsed. South of there those huge metal frame ones are also down. I've seen at least one large chopper flying around and another very large jet(looked like it was military).
I will briefly (( try)) to express what I saw January 1 , 2007 in SC NE.

Mother Nature had a magnificent ice sculpture at every stop I made . It was breathtaking beauty with the back drop of incredible destruction to trees and power lines.. This storm changed the landscape.

I had mixed feelings similar to tornadic destruction. I feel sorry for all those people who will not have power perhaps for several weeks.

Based on what I observed I would estimate that thousands of poles are down in SC through NE Nebraska.

I saw ice OVER 3-- yes-- three inches thick on some power lines!

I took 175 pics January 1st of this historic ice storm. Prior to this event, the most pics I had taken of anything in one day was about 50 .

I will post pics as time permits after I return from another trip to SC NE today.

Dean Cosgrove
On January 2nd, I drove through and photographed the heaviest hit blizzard areas of far west-central Kansas and southeastern Colorado, including the towns of Sharon Springs and Weskan, KS and Sheridan Lake, CO. Massive amounts of snow crippled this area with an average of 22 to 28" in these towns. 30-50 mph winds from the north created snow drifts... and this is putting the phrase "snow drift" in a new category... as in drifts that encompass a couple city blocks in size...averaging 5 or more feet in depth for that entire length... which creates some really surrealistic scenes. I'll let the photos speak for themselves: (more will be added to my website later)

"Main Street" of very small town of Weskan, KS:

Sheridan Lake, CO... pick-up basketball game anyone?

Sheridan Lake, CO... tremendous drift! This drift averages 12 feet in depth along it's ridge line (where I am standing when I'm taking the photo below thanks to compaction of the drift)... peaking nearly 18 feet. (I actually ran into the spotter that made the Sheridan Lake report to Pueblo, it was interesting chatting with him... he had near 0 visibility there in Sheridan Lake pretty much continuous from roughly 8 am Friday morning 12/29 to 9 pm Saturday evening 12/30.... with ground blizzard continuing during the day Sunday 12/31.)

more photos will be processed (including from the ice storm aspect as well) and uploaded soon to my website gallery...


Mike U
I have now posted a report with photos on the 20+ inch snowstorm in Santa Fe, NM. As of noon today, we have at least 21 inches here, with reports of over 2 feet in some other parts of town. The report with photos can be seen at:


As promised in the report linked above, I have FINALLY gotten around to posting a gallery of photos I have taken across various locations in northern New Mexico in the days after the snowstorm. New Mexico is a pretty place any time, but the record snowfall of December 28-30 has made it even more so in the days since then. You can view the photo gallery at: