11/06/05 NOW:Northeast

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Dec 8, 2003
Southeast CO
My girlfriend, Floss, just had a rather large tree limb fall right in front of her house in Mifflinburg PA. She says it blocks the entire street. She's out getting pics. I told her to drive around town for a while to see what other damage there may be. I'm sure she'll get them posted forthwith!

Albany, NY Report

Squall line with very impressive bow echoes moved east-northeast into the Utica-Cobleskill, NY area. LOTS of wind damage in the western and central parts of New York but as I suspected, the line weakening considerably once it moved in the Hudson Valley. In talking with NWSFO Albany, they tell me that they had not received ANY wind damage reports as of yet. This does not surprise me.

Anyway, the main part of the show occurred as I was in Clifton Park, NY. Here I was treated to winds of 35-40mph along the gust front which was clearly outflow dominant, pea sized hail for 10-15 minutes, very heavy rain and some great lightning. All in all, a great chase considering it is early November. This is unheard of in these parts!!

I managed to get a couple of neat pictures and if someone can tell me how to load a picture onto this thing I will try to do it. HELP.
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