11/01/04 REPORTS: Illinois

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Mar 21, 2004
Urbana, IL
A couple tornado warnings were issued in southern Illinois Monday for embedded minisupercells in a broken squall line. One tornado did touch down about 2 miles from my home at 3:35 PM. I was on the road, about 2 miles from the location, but could see nothing due to very heavy rains. I actually had no idea this was occuring, as no tornado warning was issued for the cell. I didnt find out until Scott Kampas called me a few hours later informing me of the report. I drove out there in the dark (this occured out in the country, away from any towns) and sure enough, began to drive into a damage path, with sheet metal, boards, and even a roof lining the road. Went back for photos the next morning...


Wasnt clear whether this was a tornado or straight line winds...however apparently a sherriff was right there at the right time, and caught the tornado on his dash cam. Be interesting to see his video, as he must have been RIGHT there, since I couldnt see anything from a couple miles distance.

Anyway, just thought I would post that, as I cant remember the last time we actually had a tornado touchdown in Illinois in November...maybe MikeG can help me out there??
It was an actual tornado...as you saw in the LSR...and, I found out that a county sherrif was right there when it happened, and caught the event on his dash cam...Dont remember if i mentioned that or not already. Anyway...I've talked to Chris Miller from the Lincoln WFO and they have determined it was a tornado, and will likely give it an F1 rating. Pretty decent for an out of nowhere tornado in november.
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