10/4/06 REPORTS: ID

10/4/06 REPORTS: ID - Tornadic Supercell

On Oct 4th 2006, In southeast Idaho there was a Tornadic Supercell. The storm had been going now for around 5 hours & every radar update the TVS singature and MESO would show up. I waited around to see if the storm would carry on, and then I finally decided its time to go intercept the storm.. I monitored the wall cloud and various other things suchs as lightning intensity, rain, etc. The storm had Over 72 dbz and for at least 6 hours it was labeled Meso in the radar storm table attributes. There was hail up to 2 inches and it was a great looking storm. Here are some photos I took.


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decided to post up the Radar from that storm. This was the radar about 30 minutes before I got to the storm.



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