10/13/06 REPORT: So. Cal Waterspout

Brian Press

Decently cold upper low center came ashore just near San Pedro California late Friday night.

We got down to the coast around 10pm. This storm was very active, very electric. Storms seem to like that area for some reason. Won't get into that now though. This photo were taken as I was standing on the cliffs near Royal Palms Beach in San Pedro, looking to the west/southwest towards Catalina Island. You can clearly see the lights from Avalon on the right side of the photo. I assume the orange glow is from the lights at the Long Beach harbor. Made for some great photos! This photo was also back lit by a flash of lightning.

If you look to the left of the rain shaft near the bright light. You will see two clearly defined waterspouts and possibly a third spout closest to the rain shaft. The one on the far left, closet to the light also has what looks like to be a small well defined wall cloud.

The coolest thing about this photo is that I didn't even see the waterspouts until I got home and looked at my photos. I then reported it to the NWS and the told me that they has issued a Special Marine Warning for waterspouts right around the time I got this shot. They noted rotation in this storm and they were so happy to see that my photos confirmed that. A good night for So. Cal storms.

Looks like a moderate El Nino setting up for later this year in to early next year. Should be wet and active. I hope.



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Great photo!

I, too, was photographing the same storm from San Clemente and have similar shots. I notice a waterspout looking thing in them but i wasnt sure. Im glad someone else has evidence too. Ill post some pictures later. Nice start to the winter season!