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1/1/07-1/3/07 FCST: WA

Billy Griffin

Unfortunately, it appears as if another significant flooding event is imminent for much of western Washington beginning as early as tomorrow.

Although rain is certainly par for the course here in the Pacific NW, this area has been deluged with torrential rain events several times this year (quite unusual) and with serious property damage, injuries and deaths associated with the severe weather.

Following the most recent wind storm, which was the cause of over 1 million without power in the Seattle-Tacoma areas, it looks as if this next system could pose more trouble for the area.

Per the latest model runs and forecasts, 6"+ rainfall amounts should be common across much of the Puget Sound and western slopes of the Cascades, which will compound melting runoff from recent lowland snowfalls.

Here we go again! :(