09/19/05 - Daylight CG (KCMO)

Had a fast intense cell move over about 3:30pm today. It didn't last long but I caught this guy out my side door facing northeast. It looks a little blurry, but it was pouring down rain at the time. If you look through the trees you can see it in contact with the ground.

http://www.storm-site.com/misc/091905_01.jpg (276kb)

I just hope that wasn't my good-bye strike of the season. :wink:
The CG strikes with those storms were insane! I was on the west side of KC (K-7 and Shawnee Mission Pkwy) watching the storms as they came through, pretty amazing stuff.
very nice!!! we had a lot of them with our storms over here too, but there was also a lot of hail, which kept me inside. did get a couple on my movies from my camera, but they weren't very good... behind a tree too much. love to see those though!