08/23/05: NOW: CO/NE/KS

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
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Anyways, the storm just west of Limon has been showing supercell structure for the past few scans... No warnings on it as of yet, but this c(sh)ould change pretty soon. I'm pretty surprised no WWs have been issued yet...

EDIT: As I was writing this up, a blue box has just been issued...
The storm west of Limon, which looked fairly promising, has weakened significantly as of 4:00 p.m. However, a new cell has popped up on I-76 south of Greeley near Keenesburg and is moving slightly north of east. It is fairly isolated from the other storms and has potential. If it keeps up its current motion, it should be arriving in or near Fort Morgan in an hour and a half or so, which would make me very happy, seeing as I'm stuck here until 8 p.m. tonight (my folks play in the community band; I do too but now that school's started again I don't have time). I would love to see some hail/wind/maybe an isolated brief tornado. I have SWDS (severe weather deprivation syndrome) sooo bad, as we haven't had a decent day for severe weather/widespread big storms here in NE Colorado in quite some time. I hope it pans out, as it would be nice to get one last shot of severe wx before fall arrives. Though as all my fellow Coloradoans on Stormtrack well know, we occasionally can get pretty impressive severe weather outbreaks the second or third week of September. I love summer in Colorado. :D
Edit: Storm south of Greeley has weakened;new storm has formed about twenty five miles west of Fort Morgan, moving east. A line of severe storms seems to be forming along a line from Scottsbluff to Briggsdale to DIA. There are two outflow boundaries about to smack into one another in southwestern Morgan/southeast Weld counties, one moving southeast ahead of the aforementioned developing line of soon to be severe storms and the other moving northwest from dissipated convection near Akron. Could be some intense storms firing next half hour or so when these boundaries collide with eachother and or/ intensification of storms along the eastward propogating line.
Whoa! Right now (5:00 p.m. MDT) there is a spectacular looking supercell that has developed in northern El Paso county. It has flying eagle profile and giant comma head hook to boot! Wonder how long it will be before they issue a warning on this one...
Also a tremendously nasty looking supercell plowing eastward across the prairie from just north of Stoneham to just south of Kimball (thankfully a very sparsely populated area) Looks like it may be evolving into a bow echo. Watch out, Sterling, Haxtun, Julesberg and Holyoke!