08/09/06 REPORTS: SD **rescued**

Apr 8, 2005
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Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 4:03 pm Post subject: 08/09/06 REPORTS: SD

Many more photos can be seen at:

After finally deciding to go with my original target about 3 hours too late, ended up with a good chase near Long Lake, SD in McPherson County with Cullen and my regular chase partner, David Drufke. We had a hard time deciding which cell to go after as we left ABR to the north and west as initiation had already commenced in south central ND between Dickinson and Bismarck. The southern most cell split with a right mover and as we sat between the splits, the north split started to produce a weak wall cloud. I was taught to always take the south split when in doubt but a group vote was for the north split as the tower was sheared much better so off we went towards the ND border. Good thing we made this choice. Beautiful supercell started out just north of Long Lake, SD on the ND side of the border south of Ashley. The RFD on this was just nuts. It maxed out at 80 mph before Dave and I dove for cover behind the car while getting pelted with sand, gravel and mud as trees were shredded and large limbs were tearing off. Pieces of corrugated sheet metal from a cattle wind break were getting plastered against a pig wire fence right in front of us. Cullen did the smart thing and stayed safe IN THE CAR. When the winds subsided enough for us to get our gear into the car, it still literally felt like the wind was still trying to rip our clothes off. Tried to report it to the NWS but the cell coverage was horrible again. All we accomplished was confusing some sheriffs dispatcher in a totally different county and someone at the MPX office who caught about every 3rd word. Stayed on the cell and got just on the back of the wall cloud and couplet when the lightning gave us a peek at what was there.

Shortly after, the cell weakened and died after ingesting rain cooled air from the southern cell.
Bill Doms
Where in the hail is Crow Agency, MT?
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