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08/01/2006 FCST: CO

While yesterday certainly didn't live up to the flooding hype spewed forth, today has a bit better potential for active weather if the clouds clear up. Deep moisture finally made its way into the area after yesterday's frontal passage. Good shear and instability should also be present to allow for storm development early this afternoon. Hail is a possibility, but with the anticipated development of a DCVZ setting up, the area along that convergence could also be condusive for landspouts. Models indicating the potential for 60s dews to get as far west as the I-25 corridor with upper 50s to near 60 TDs all across the Eastern Plains. Post-frontal upslope at the surface should aid in storm development along the foothills and mountains early in the day before storms move onto the Plains later in the afternoon. I would anticipate the first warnings coming out between 2pm and 3pm for areas along the Palmer Ridge (Elbert, Douglas, and Lincoln Counties) as well as areas along the convergence zone (Adams, Arapahoe, and Southern Weld Counties). The concern for me at the moment sits with the cloud cover which is currently draped over the area. Visible sat at this hour shows the area pretty socked in. Those clouds will need to clear in order to warm into the upper 70s and lower 80s, otherwise we can expect a rather stratto-type day with little in terms of severe weather.