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07/05/04 REPORTS: Central Plains, KY, TN

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Mike Hollingshead

For storm reports from today's activity.

Caught a pair of supercells in eastern NE this evening. I left at 7:30 just hoping for some sky shots. I was really wanting to get out but wasn't expecting much from the storms ongoing. The one looked to clip west of Columbus moving se and so that was the target. While east of it you could tell it had some amazing structure. It was tiny but was very sclupted. Had a small skinny anvil that went on for a good ways. I was going completely nuts trying to get south of it before dark and before it changed form. I shot some vid of the sculpted wall cloud under it but being due east I was not getting a very good view as it dropped se. And the second I got out of Columbus to go west it took a major crap and did so very fast. I was so pissed. I met up with Steve Peterson later in the evening on supercell number two and got a quick glance of a still he got of it while I was just east of it in Columbus.......WOW. A very very beautiful LP sclupted like crazy and spinning like a top. Hopefully he'll post the pics on his site.
I did manage some still of the second supercell near Fullerton that was tornado warned. This one was not an LP but a much larger outflow dominant HP. This one had a beavertail that stretched for many miles to the ene. Will attach the only pics I got here later.

St. Louis area chase report posted

I have now posted a report of my 7-5-04 chase in the St. Louis area, with pictures, LSRs, and radar images and analysis. This storm was very photogenic but also very severe, knocking out power to well over 150,000 residences and businesses. Toward the end of my chase, I MAY even have caught an unexpected tornado on the northeast flank of what had become a fast-moving bow echo.

You may find the report at: