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07/01/05 TALK: Saskatchewan

It is Canada's birthday today and the province of Saskatchewan is 100 years old this year! I was treated to an early morning thunderstorm this morning as the sun rose, giving me an opportunity I could not pass up. The lightning was very intense to my west as I took these pictures.

North-west Saskatoon:


South-west Saskatoon:


I've got tons more photos like these as the cloud eventually wraps around itself! I will have to resize them later as a watch has been issued for Saskatoon and I might have to be ready for another chase this afternoon.

Went ahead and changed it to TALK for this thread. Lightning shots are kind of a gray area for bona-fide chase reports, so with minimal comments on what actually happened, and a follow-up post, have made this a TALK forum.

have fun and be careful out there!