06/19/04 REPORTS: CO, NM, TX, Anywhere else

Larry J. Kosch

Things were kinda quiet tonight, almost too quiet :shock: For the record, there was actually no, zero, nada tornadoes reported today. :( There were 26 storm reports posted by the NWS, of which 16 were hail reports. Most of them were in CO, NM and TX. File your first-hand chase reports even though you went out just for the "fun" of it. Thanks. 8)
The report I did have here for 6/18 has been moved over to the new 6/18 thread. Judging from what I see here on the 6/19 thread, I wish I was back in Santa Fe, where I was much of last month!
Well, its amazing what a little moisture at 7000 feet can produce. I chased numerous supercells (mostly hp) across e. colfax county in NM today starting around 4pm. Storms kept firing off the Sangres and moving across colfax cty. Best storm was around 5pm near Maxwell. Nickel sized hail covered the ground in places. I also observed some funnel clouds at this time and watched a rather disorganized wall cloud try and get its act together. The storm became tornado warned just north of Farley but all I observed was rotating scud. I love chasing in E NM because its so scenic! Also I didn't see one other chaser today! 8)

Beautiful HP storm:
[Broken External Image]:http://www.mostlyweather.com/maxwell1.jpg

Funnel cloud east of Maxwell:
[Broken External Image]:http://www.mostlyweather.com/maxwellfunnel.jpg

Disorganized wall cloud east of Springer:
View attachment 4bb5cd515373d19d99c0fc161a68d870.jpg

As I was heading home through Santa Fe I saw a nice small tstorm with lots of lightning. Also, I stopped to take a picture just off of I25 of some hail fog. Apparently a storm had moved over this area earlier and dumped some serious hail on this area. The hail was 3 inches deep in spots---and that was after it had time to melt!

[Broken External Image]:http://www.mostlyweather.com/santafesunset.jpg