06/17/05 TALK: Canada

Dec 8, 2003
Saskatoon, SK., Canada
The Prairie Storm Prediction Centre has mentions of a high risk day and possible severe weather outbreak today in southern Saskatchewan. The Weather Network has been talking about tornadoes for the area since yesterday. Capes have reached 8000 near the ND MT SK borders. Not sure if thats a mistake but many chasers up here are wondering where to set up. I am sitting at home in Saskatoon and don't expect much till very late at night.


Swift Current is under a thunderstorm warning. From what radar is showing things are starting to fire up. There is a cell west of Moose Jaw,Sk right now and is showing a DBZ of 55 and its growing. Both cells just poped up out of no where.
The cell near Shamrock, Swift Current, and Chaplin Saskatchewan is producing very significant rotation. The cell was last reported moving northeast between Highways 363 and the Trans Canada. The Tornado Watch has been dropped in that area, however this monster supercell is still capable of producing a tornado.

Also, there is a lot of humidity near the SE corner of Saskatchewan (including Regina and Moose Jaw). Even know that particular area is capped, the jetstream is expected to break it up. Then (according to my limited understanding; Jared correct me if I'm wrong) the humidity may feed the cells moving in that direction, resulting in the potential for more tornadoes.
Tornado Warning has been issued for that same area now, that have been unconfirmed reports of multiple tornado touchdowns near Gravelbourg and Mossbank.
TWN is reporting another tornado with baseball size hail but I can't see the tornado warning on EC's page, grrr

near Moose Jaw, man thats a huge cell!

btw Dave Carlson is apparently on these storms and has seen more that one tornado


lights are flickerng, power is going out here!!!
Is anyone picking anything up from the SK CANWARN frequencies?
This is what I got off their web:

ARES - Saskatoon is affiliated with the Environment Canada severe weather observation program known as Canwarn. All Canwarn trained amateur radio operators in Saskatoon area should monitor VE5SK 146.640 -600 for Canwarn alert information during severe weather and weather radio on 162.550.

I'm picking up the Saskatoon Police, Fire, and Weather frequencies, but not very much chatter coming through about the storms.