06/08/2004 REPORTS: CO, WY, NE, IA, KS

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
Figured I'd start this probably-to-be-wimpy thread since I had a humerous road trip..

Severe Storm Watch went up and I hauled down to Colorado Springs from Denver to try and catch some severe storms that were slowing moving northeast out of the Springs. When I arrived, I jumped on Hwy 24 in time to have all warnings cancelled.

I shot into Limon, got on my WiFi and got some info from my nowcasters Doug and James and decided to retreat back to Denver and call it a night. When I hit Bennett, I heard a Severe Storm Warning go up for right over my house in Morrison! Sheesh, why didn't I just stay home..

I raced along I-70 through Denver and met up with the storm at I-70 and Kipling in Wheat Ridge. Heavy rain dominated a highly electric storm, although some pea-sized hail did accompany the storm during its several peaks.

The storm's slow movement prompted flood warnings across the area and I found myself at a gas station on the corner of 32nd and Youngfield watching the chaotic scene beneath the I-70 underpass (on 32nd).

Water several feet high had basically all-but-stopped traffic getting under the bridge. Of course, people tried to cross, some got stalled out. Firefighters helped push several of the stalled vehicles out of the water and onto higher ground.

A fun evening; lesson learned, sometimes it is better to just stay home. Instead of rounding the 250 mile mark, I could've gone about 10 miles and enjoyed quite a show. None-the-less, a nice ending to a day I wasn't going to chase anyway! :D
Couple of vid stills I snagged and thought I'd put up.. doesn't NWS have a saying.. "Turn Around, Don't Drown". Amazes me to still see people doing this.. hopefully they make the Weather Channel in the morning..

[Broken External Image]:http://images.tornadoeskick.com/040608j.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://images.tornadoeskick.com/040608i.jpg

That second shot is a cool one cause that's hail on that guy's hood.. it hailed enough to bing out snowplows on I-70 about a mile south of where I shot this :shock: .. obviously I didn't get too far cause of the road closures due to the flooding.. crazy night here in Denver..


Reports of up to 3 inches of rain fell around an hour's time; add to that the accumulating hail (which was no bigger than 1 inch diameter) and it was a recipe for mayhem! :D My girlfriend had to get pushed out by a driver in plaid on I-70 when she slipped into a hail-drift that was about 8 inches deep! :shock: I wish I had gotten her message sooner, that would've made for a great video clip! :D She did make it home safely, might I add!