06/06/05 Reports NE

Saw an elephant trunk tornado 5 north of Arthur, NE
It was on the ground from 6:15 to 6:29pm central time.
Nice catch Charles! I drove like a madman from Denver but I could not get there in time. Ended up turning around in North Platte, NE when I heard that the storm was moving north at 45 mph! :?

That cell over McCook, NE sure looked nice visually and on radar - I hope someone was on that storm. :)
June 6, 2005 - Ekalaka, MT Tornadoes



My target was Baker, MT and storms fired just south of the area. I observed 4 tornadoes during a 30 minute period north of Ekalaka, MT with high-contrast the majority of the time. By evening, the supercell structure (north of the meso) just south of Baker was very awesome. A classic chase day!

More video stills and slides to come soon on my website.

Scott Blair
I targeted Thedford thinking there was a conditional chance the dryline might team up with a vort lobe swinging through western Nebraska to erode what looked to be a very substantial cap.

Turned out the disturbance was a little stronger than progged (elevated showers began early in the day) and the cap a little weaker (18z LBF sounding showed less CIN than expected).

I'm not entirely sure, however, why this storm dropped the two tornadoes. Midlevel flow was barely supportive, low level shear only adequate, dewpoint depressions high, and no boundaries in sight.

Interestingly, after the tornadoes, the storm became very outflow dominant and high-based almost immediately, and looked about like what I expected the storms would look the entire time.

Met up wtih Steve Peterson around Arthur and we witnessed these tornadoes in eastern Arthur County. Here's a few stills and video grabs. More imagery later on my blog.




I, along with Jay Antle and Matt Crowther observed the Ekalaka, MT supercell and tornadoes. Here are a couple of photos from the chase:

<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005jun06/DSC35361.jpg width=600>
Supercell thunderstorm with menacing wall cloud southwest of Ekalaka, MT

<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005jun06/DSC35621.jpg width=600>
Brief tornado west of Ekalaka, MT

<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005jun06/DSC35761.jpg width=600>
A 2nd tornado to the northwest of Ekalaka, MT

<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005jun06/DSC36101.jpg width=600>
A fairly large, truncated cone tornado

<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/2005jun06/DSC36131.jpg width=600>
Picturesque supercell updraft with truncated tornado in the background.


Mike U
The McCook supercell didn't produce any tornadoes, but it definitely had some nice structure. Really enjoyed this "bonus" chase: