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06/02/05 Limon, CO: SDS Relief - Meso Video

This meso from last year that tracked east along I-70 from Limon, CO was so amazing I thought I would post this video of it that I just copied from my camcorder. Many chasers were on this storm which was tornado warned although we never did see any evidence of a tornado.

Timelapse is 4X normal
>>> Click here for video <<<

Beautiful storm, Verne, thank you for sharing. :D Another fine example of nature's majesty in full swing.

Another example of why I don't care if it tornadoes or not -- to me tornadoes are a prized bonus (though some may disagree) -- to be on a storm such as that one is enough to make me smile for a week! :) Thanks for starting my work day on a great note!
Very cool. Just look at that wall cloud, I think I see several brief funnels dancing around in various frames. It's quite a turbulent meso. A great video though.
8) Interesting choice of music. :D
Thanks for posting that great video Verne. June 2nd was my favorite chase day of my limited chase season while living and working in Boulder over the summer at NCAR. The shear profiles were amazing that day and created some excellently sculpted mesocyclones. I was within 3 miles of 3 different tornado warned storms during the day but never captured the elusive tornadoes that dropped. Here is my chase account from June 2nd: Enjoy!


omg, this is incredible... I am in love, man! Almost got tears in my eyes after seeing this cute meso with that music in the back. :D
Just one Q...how faster is the video going against the real speed? I assume this is not a real speed, that would be insane. Haven't seen anything like this before on video.

Thanks for the video, Verne!
It was fun watching some of the funnels be spawned and diminish from the wall cloud, and dance around...great video, and sweet structure.