05/15/05 TALK: High Plains

Jon Merage just called and he is going out after the storm near Limon, CO that is tornado warned. The storm has been showing a TVS for the last 1/2 hour and in the last few scans has become a right mover. Tds are only 39F in Limon so the base might be a little high for a tornado to reach the ground.
Yeah; it was a pulse storm retaliating from the email I sent earlier in which I made fun of its size... now that Merage went after it, the storm should fizzle! Not too impressed; radar signature shows a TVS, but between the low Td and horrible shear, I would be surprised if that think produced anything severe at all; maybe some small hail and crazy rains, but definately no tornado.
LCL heights are extraordinarily high so I doubt the storm would be producing a tornado. However the Yuma County cell is interesting. Had good structure and a TVS for awhile...was thinking that it might have a chance but rotational base was pretty high.

Have been getting quarter sized hail (1.00" diameter) reports associated with VIL values of about 45-47...storms have maintained that so far...and thus expect a marginal hail threat through the next couple hours.

...Alex Lamers...
now that Merage went after it, the storm should fizzle!
Real funny, Tony...Good One! :roll: Or, maybe the storms fizzled just because I merely though about heading out, but never actually went?? That kind of fuzzy logic surely explains why every would-be tornado outbreak, or even long-lived supercell, this season just "fizzled out"--all the chasers watching the dang things too hard on radar!! Yep, it's true: intense, focused brainwaves (esp. ones with imbedded SDS frequencies) have been known to kill off rotating updrafts prior to tornadogenesis--or didntcha-know?? :lol: :wink: