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03/08/2006 to 03/10/2006 FCST: S/CTRL Plains - Midwest

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I'm usually not one to wishcast this far out, but the GFS 144hr 500 mb fcst looks very similar to the 500 mb analysis the morning of 13 March, 1990
(that was the day of the Hesston, KS F5 for those too young to remember).

Check out the synopsis for the Hesston event via Doswell's paper at

Also, last nights ensemble spagetti chart for 168hr (Wed evening, 8 March) is encouraging - not very much spread:


Certainly someting to keep an eye on.
(7) Chase topics spanning multiple or ambiguous dates are prohibited, such as "FCST: This Weekend". Map Room is chronologically organized and is dependent on exact dates. Pick the most representative calendar date and post your message there. Commit to a date, and if it changes you can always move to another thread or start a new one.
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Rather non-specific discussion is currently ongoing in the thread in Weather and Chasing. As the event nears, feel free to begin more specific discussion of timing, locations, and threats here in the Map Room.

Since it's the beginning of chase season, I opted to make this public since it can serve as a friendly reminder to freshen up on the rules before we get into the heat of chase season. :)
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