02-04-2006 NOW: South Florida

Hello everybody,
a solid line of heavy thunderstorms associated with the cold front is about to pass through the extreme parts of south Florida.
I am on my way to the Everglades right now. Will post pictures tonight.
Good luck to all here in south Fla.

Martin Kucera
Severe Weather Photography
The 'line segment' looks pretty good, and looks like it is not getting weak at all, but getting stronger at the leading edge of it. Looks like there is a lot of very ambient THETA-E over the keys that will aid in any damaging wind gusts, and perhaps even some funnel clouds, I would say look likely. Small hail around 0.35< in looks possible, in the central part of the storm, given the highly concentrated area of VIL at 34 kg/m2. There is a mid-level mesocyclone getting ready to pass over Broaward County FL. Good luck with your storm chase today!