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  1. Douglas Kiesling

    Youtuber Fair Usage Lawsuit Settled

    Not directly a weather topic but here is some news for everyone posting photos and videos to social media and not watermarking them obnoxiously. It has been ruled in the case against "H3H3Productions" by another Youtuber "Matt Hosseinzadeh aka Bold Guy" that as long as the video is being...
  2. Tony Laubach

    New Lubacca Storm Chasing YouTube Channel

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmkAFemM9r1fUVcOFXoe6nA - SUBSCRIBE FOR UPDATES LAUNCHING ON FEBRUARY 5, my new storm chasing channel, Lubacca! I have uploaded a couple of clips to start things off, including a welcome video detailing what this new channel is all about (links to the two...