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  1. Olivier Staiger


    Hi, after a long long absence, I am back. So sorry.... ;-) Glad to see Stormtrack is still alive. Awesome. Makes me feel 20 years younger , hahahaha... OK, here is the thing. I am a stormchaser ( have chased the U.S. plains since Y2K , guided/driven for some tours for ETT and...
  2. Is this a wall cloud?

    This picture was taken on May 21, 1:32PM. I’m just wondering is this a wall cloud.
  3. Supercell Questions

    I've just read a couple of bits of information: that supercells can develop from non-supercell storms and that supercells can exist in squall lines. If that's not true, please do correct me (my sources were Google and Wikipedia). If that's the case, does that mean that supercell tornadoes and...
  4. Jeremy Gilchrist

    2022-05-04 REPORTS: TX

    We chased the cell that started up near Dumont and Paducah Texas. It spun off a couple of tubes including one that was anti-cyclonic next to the wall cloud. We ran out of solid road options to stay with it so got stuck on 204 to Truscott, TX which was a dirt road. The next tornado spawned and...
  5. Mike Z

    Supercell Hail Core

  6. MikeD

    Microbursts + Supercells

    Supercells could be deadly in many ways: lightning, hidden funnels, new mesocyclone from a cyclic supercell, etc. How much should I worry about macrobursts/microbursts when chasing?
  7. Jeremy Perez

    2018-09-01 REPORTS: AZ

    Arizona is not prime territory for supercells. Moisture, instability, and shear don't superimpose often. The tail end of monsoon season is when that exciting combo is most likely to happen. And it set up perfectly this year on September first. This wound up being my best storm chase in Arizona...
  8. Jeff Duda

    Storms of the decade: the 2010s (pre-discussion)

    I want to start a thread discussing the best storms of the entire 2010s decade. Please submit a nomination or two for the types of high magnitude storms that occurred between 2010 and now that you don't think come around but once every 10 years or so. Yes, I know the decade is not over yet. We...
  9. Jim Keener

    Where is the weather?

    Greetings. I'm looking for a site which will tell me, "Look for a supercell here." Or the next best thing. On a broader level, I suppose my question is, "How do I find and identify ideal weather conditions?" See? I don't even know how to ask the question. Background. I'm studying a basic...
  10. Jeremy Perez

    2016-11-03 REPORTS: AZ

    I hadn’t been forecasting this day to death…not even close. I was pretty much keeping a lazy eye on it for any option for interesting storms as low pressure worked its way into southern Arizona. SPC had marked out southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico for marginal severe probabilities, but...
  11. Dan Ross

    Analyzing the Syracuse, KS Tornadic Supercell 7-15-16

    One thing that has been greatly beneficial to me as a chaser is creating diagrams from my photos/videos after the chase. Recently I’ve read more into arching vortex lines like those described in “The structure and evolution of vortex lines in supercell thunderstorms” (Markowski/Richardson). This...
  12. Dan Ross

    2016-06-15 REPORTS: MT/TX/KS/WI/IL/IN/KY/TN/AL, etc

    Maybe I didn't need to list all of those states, but all did have severe weather reported, including some I left out. Anyway, I was visiting family for a week in Rockford, IL and decided to chase with a friend in Wisconsin. Stayed on the southernmost supercell in a line of storms extending along...