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storm chasers

  1. Calipha Turney

    One of the most intriging early amateur storm-chasing documentaries I've ever watched.

  2. Jamie Simms

    Erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed

    The motorist almost hits an oncoming car head-on! Watch the moment an erratic driver overtakes storm chasers at high speed in the video here. Thankfully, this was caught on live stream. I hope the driver who overtook the chasers would reach out to me!
  3. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser’s apartment hit by Andover, Kansas tornado yesterday

    I really want to help this chaser, but don't know where to start. According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Ryan Pitt, his apartment was hit by the tornado that struck Andover, Kansas yesterday. His wife was in the apartment when it was hit, but she's okay THANKFULLY! <3 You can find out...
  4. David Reimer

    Acceptable Storm Reporting Methods in the Digital Age

    This is a topic that has been on my mind for several months now. For those who don't know I participate as a VOST member in an Integrated Warning Team in Texas. That's a fancy way of saying I funnel reports from social media to the National Weather Service and other official entities during...
  5. KendraReed

    Help Needed-Donation Presentations

    Storm Assist is looking for a chaser, or chasers who are interested in presenting donations to the cities of: Garland, TX; Rowlett, TX and Holly Springs, MS. We are looking to schedule both donations within the next week. If you are interested in assisting- please message me here, on FB or...