1. 2023-04-14: EVENT: KS/OK/TX

    Based on the 12Z and 18Z runs today (Tuesday), it would appear that Friday has significantly more potential than I first thought. And, it looks like the synoptic situation will favor those who have been looking forward to an "old fashioned Kansas storm chase." What looked like the biggest...
  2. Jamie Simms

    Anticyclonic tornado caught on camera in Kansas

    Storm chaser Kyle Cutler caught an anticyclonic tornado on camera in Kansas yesterday. In the video (watch here), you can see suction vortices dancing around the perimeter. Great catch by Kyle!
  3. Tipping Vorticity Transitioning Into Tornado

    Hi Everyone, Over a four minute period last Friday evening (April 29), I captured a series of photos that appears to show vorticity near the surface tipping up and transitioning into a tornado. You may wish to check them out: Meteorologists: Tornado "Tipping Vorticity"
  4. Jeff House

    2021-10-26 EVENT: KS OK

    I have to agree with SPC considering 10% tornado probs. 13Z is still 5%. Upper levels don't have a whole lot of turning, but there is just enough. CAPE is just-in-time (JIT) hence it'll be late, perhaps at dark. Believe along the boundary just east of the TP could produce. Normally not a fan of...
  5. Jamie Winterstern

    My 2nd Chase - Sunday thru Thursday

    Last weekend I experience my first chase in Texas and got hooked. My knowledge is limited on targeting and forecasting but I did learn quite a bit of tools from my first trip. I fly into Denver Sunday morning and plan on heading straight to southwest Kansas. The GFS model had it looking good...
  6. Dan Ross

    Tips for chasing in the heart of "Tornado Alley"?

    Hi everyone, I've been chasing for the past decade when life and weather allows. I've had the privilege of seeing tornadoes in IL, IA, SD, CO, and a couple in far western KS (on slight risk days only). This May I might finally chase for the first time in the heart of "Tornado Alley", and I'd...
  7. Will we see an EF5 tornado in 2017?

    What do you guys think? I myself think it's a good possibility. With us already having a violent tornado, the EF4 in Perryville MO, this early in the year I think an EF5 might happen in 2017. Heck the last EF5 happened almost 4 years ago. And they usually occur every few years. 59 have happened...
  8. Dan Ross

    Analyzing the Syracuse, KS Tornadic Supercell 7-15-16

    One thing that has been greatly beneficial to me as a chaser is creating diagrams from my photos/videos after the chase. Recently I’ve read more into arching vortex lines like those described in “The structure and evolution of vortex lines in supercell thunderstorms” (Markowski/Richardson). This...
  9. Winston Wells

    Kansas Highway Patrol and chasers on 4/24/16

    I just came across this tweet from what appears to be the legitimate account of the public information officer of the Kansas Highway Patrol. He reports that a KHP officer issued four speeding tickets to what he intimates were chasers yesterday, and he notes that all of them were travelling 95...