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  1. Any Correlation between Superbolts and Hail?

    Hello all, I came across a publication studying the distribution of superbolts (lightning bolts with at least a thousand times the energy of the average bolt): Error - Cookies Turned Off . I was trying to study this kind of bolts further and understand why they are this bright and powerful, but...
  2. beaudodson

    How to measure hail. I would like to hear from someone from NOAA.

    Hello We had a large hail event last winter that produced very large hail. The problem was that the hail was spiked. I was hoping I could find photos of it, but so far I have not been able to pull them up. I was taught that you measure hail from spike to spike. Is this correct? Can someone...
  3. Bob Hartig

    Moon Roofs and Hail

    I just bought a 2006 Camry, and it drives like a dream. Finally I've once again got reliable transportation that will get me off the bench and back out to the Plains. But I have one concern: the car has a moon roof. That may seem like a really sweet feature, but it's not one I'm crazy about for...
  4. Brandon Sullivan

    Man Compares Storm to Quarterback.. Haha!

    "Eddie Ellingburg, a Rankin County resident, told WJTV’s Malary Pullen that “it looked like Fitzgerald running through the Ole Miss line with all the trees laying over.” Nick Fitzgerald is the quarterback for Mississippi State University. The Bulldogs recently defeated Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl...
  5. Robert Forry

    2016-06-11 Event: ND/SD

    At least for now, late Saturday afternoon/early evening look conditionally like a severe weather opportunity across SC ND and parts of adjacent SD. An approaching upper level system and Pacific trough should allow for a surface low to develop out over eastern Montana, and as the GFS is...
  6. Robert Forry

    2016-03-15 EVENT: MO/IL/IN/MI/OH

    A potent upper level level system with short wave trough will eject out of the four corners region tonight and advect into the Northern Plains/Upper MS Valley tomorrow. Trough progged to take on a negative tilt with a 90-100 kt jet core as the system moves into IL by 3Z Wednesday. Divergence in...