1. C Emery

    Software Question: GR2Analyst Vs GRlevel 3. Also a weather climate toolkit question

    So I just can't bring my self to conclude which one I want. I prefer the ability to have level 2 radar data, as it's more raw and the volumetric feature is quite amazing. But I'm unsure if there's any key differences that would make 3 better than 2. Is there anything in gr level 3, that makes...
  2. Peter Potvin

    GRLevel3 on MacOS

    Good afternoon! Just purchased a MacBook Pro yesterday, and it will be arriving around Tuesday afternoon. I would like to set up GRLevel3 on it once it arrives, but am not sure how I'm supposed to do so. I've heard that I'd need Parallels Desktop to run it as it's a Windows application. I know...