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  1. Austin Honeycutt

    What is the best GoPro for storm chasing in 2022?

    I have been looking at GoPro's the past couple of weeks. I am looking to make it my dashcam camera and will probably do timelapses with it. I was wondering if I should go with a GoPro or if I should get a dashcam. The highest I would probably go is $175. The main GoPro I have been looking at is...
  2. Isaac Schluesche

    INSANE SLOW-MO CRAWLERS :COOLEST Video I've ever shot: 1 year anniversary

    First off, I know that this is a photography thread but I figured that I'd be ok posting this. About a year ago I shot the coolest video I have yet taken, and possibly ever will, of anvil crawlers over the skies of Madison, Wisconsin. Didn't have the opportunity to share it on Stormtrack at...