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  1. Andy Lawrence

    Aerial Thunderstorm/Convective Research & Chasing

    I was wondering if anyone has ever explored aerial storm chasing and used aerial images to study storms from above. Showers and thunderstorms are giant waterfalls in the sky when viewed from the air, a lot can be taken away and learned especially when Gibson ridge 3D volumetric images are...
  2. David Coviello

    Chase Live Streaming

    So to live stream the past few years I have been using a GoPro Hero 9 connected to the GoPro iPhone app and a mobile Mi-Fi internet device that streams to FB Live or Twitch. It's alot of moving parts just to stream online and quite a pain in the ass to get going and stay connected. When I am...
  3. David Hodges


  4. Ryan Witek

    Chasing Etiquette

    After going out chasing a few times in my local area, I have noticed something. Finding a spot to stop and take photos / make reports / etc. without inconveniencing others and/or trespassing (stopping on a road alongside private property) is, well, awkward. I often find myself in empty parking...
  5. Dan Ross

    Tips for chasing in the heart of "Tornado Alley"?

    Hi everyone, I've been chasing for the past decade when life and weather allows. I've had the privilege of seeing tornadoes in IL, IA, SD, CO, and a couple in far western KS (on slight risk days only). This May I might finally chase for the first time in the heart of "Tornado Alley", and I'd...
  6. Ash Bray

    Meteorology student looking to chase

    Hello, weather enthusiasts! My name is Ash and I'm an Atmospheric Science and Meterology student through the The University of Arizona, residing in West Virginia. Upon graduation, I hope to work with a weather team to develop new radar programs and help increase tornado warning times. With that...
  7. Jeff Hawkins

    Is Storm Chasing Out of Control?

    From the UK Daily Mail... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3619122/Chaser-convergence-gets-control-storm-chasers-risk-lives-perfect-shot-stack-cash.html
  8. V. Gensini

    College of DuPage 2016 Storm Chasing

    Dates are now posted and registration is open for *anyone* to participate in our 2016 Thunderstorm Laboratory classes. http://weather.cod.edu/chasing/index.php?load=chases Please contact me [email protected] if you have any questions. This is a great way for "new" individuals to get their feet...
  9. Taylor Wright

    Drones and their Role in Weather

    I've thought about this subject a lot recently, as drones will soon be as common as point-and-shoot cameras, and there's much to be discussed about them. For example: 1) How ethical is it to use drones to obtain tornado footage then sell it and claim it as your own, even if the drone was not on...