1. Mike Thornton

    8/18/2005 Stoughton, WI Tornado - Short Documentary

    This tornado impacted my life hugely, it is why I love Meteorology and Weather! On August 18th, 2005 27 tornadoes touched down in Wisconsin. The most significant being the Stoughton F-3 Tornado. Video link here!
  2. Dan Ross

    2016-06-15 REPORTS: MT/TX/KS/WI/IL/IN/KY/TN/AL, etc

    Maybe I didn't need to list all of those states, but all did have severe weather reported, including some I left out. Anyway, I was visiting family for a week in Rockford, IL and decided to chase with a friend in Wisconsin. Stayed on the southernmost supercell in a line of storms extending along...