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wind shear

  1. S Klein

    Past Bulk Shear and CAPE data?

    Hi all! I'm doing an analysis on one of the storms I chased last summer. I've found archival databases for dew point, temp, radar, etc, but I can't seem to find a reliable source for past CAPE and Shear. Skew-T charts would be helpful as well, but I'm sick of the lack of data I'm finding...
  2. Verhaegen Yoni

    Storm modes in unidirectional flow/shear environment

    Hi all, I'm new on the forum but have been passionate with regards to weather and storms for years. Lately, I have been trying to broaden my knowledge on storm development and organization. Now, I know that DLS (0-6 km shear vector) is used to discriminate between single cells (roughly < 20...