1. Stu Short

    FLUID 2 - Severe Weather Timelapse

    Sadly, like many of us, it looks increasingly unlikely, nay foolhardy, to be chasing this year so completing this timelapse video was incredibly bittersweet. A follow up to the video I published at the beginning of the year (which Vimeo inexplicably erased after my iMac went kaput and deleted...
  2. Mike Z

    [Severe] Thunderstorm Time-Lapse - 08/03/2018

  3. Mike Z

    [Non-Severe] Multicell Thunderstorm with Heavy Rain Slideshow - 08022018

    had some thunder.. this was hard to capture because it was so close.. I had to do a lot of vertical panoramic shots.. I couldn't snap shots of it as it rolled away from me because as that was happening, a multicell cluster formed right over my house.. and dropped tons of rain..
  4. Mike Z

    Brief Heavy Rain Cell Time-Lapse - 08/01/2018

    It's not severe, but cool to see the cell approach and the rain dump in a time-lapse.