1. Supercell Questions

    I've just read a couple of bits of information: that supercells can develop from non-supercell storms and that supercells can exist in squall lines. If that's not true, please do correct me (my sources were Google and Wikipedia). If that's the case, does that mean that supercell tornadoes and...
  2. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Line of Severe Thunderstorms Approaching - 04/26/2019

  3. Mike Z

    [Time-Lapse] Thunderstorm Approaching - 09/18/2018

    I got an actual camera (Lumix ZS60) recently. This is the first time lapse I shot with it. I didn't know how to lock the exposure until AFTER the time lapse was recorded.. so, yea, it has some flicker but it's still interesting.
  4. Mike Z

    [Time Lapse] Picturesque Thunderstorm Forming and Ending During Sunset

    To get this view of such a storm is rare for where I live.
  5. Mike Z

    [Severe] Thunderstorm Time-Lapse - 08/03/2018

  6. Mike Z

    [Non-Severe] Multicell Thunderstorm with Heavy Rain Slideshow - 08022018

    had some thunder.. this was hard to capture because it was so close.. I had to do a lot of vertical panoramic shots.. I couldn't snap shots of it as it rolled away from me because as that was happening, a multicell cluster formed right over my house.. and dropped tons of rain..