target area

  1. Jamie Winterstern

    My 2nd Chase - Sunday thru Thursday

    Last weekend I experience my first chase in Texas and got hooked. My knowledge is limited on targeting and forecasting but I did learn quite a bit of tools from my first trip. I fly into Denver Sunday morning and plan on heading straight to southwest Kansas. The GFS model had it looking good...
  2. Steve Miller

    Return of the Target Area game to Stormtrack

    One of the most memorable features of the early days of the online version of Stormtrack was the Target Area game. When I took over ST a couple years ago, it was in the back of my mind that I'd recreate it for the community and beyond. It's nearly complete now, and ready for you to try out at...
  3. Ethan Schisler

    2016-06-14 REPORTS: IL/IA/MN/SD

    Excellent chase day yesterday in West Central Illinois for being local. I managed to chase 2 different tornado warned storms that exhibited supercell structure at times. The first being north of Kewanee and came about as close to anything I've ever seen, to producing a tornado. Rapid descending...