supercell thunderstorm

  1. S Klein

    Size Vs Strength?

    Hey all! I usually just ask a few spotter and/or meteorologist friends, and look through mine and others' photos, video, and radar data when I can't determine what I saw, but this particular instance has been bugging me and I wanted to share and see what anyone here might have to say. For the...
  2. Mike Z

    Supercell Hail Core

  3. Electromagnetic nature of tropical cyclones, tornadoes and supercell storms

    Looking at the literature as shown in these references 1) 2) 3)...
  4. Robert Forry

    2016-06-11 Event: ND/SD

    At least for now, late Saturday afternoon/early evening look conditionally like a severe weather opportunity across SC ND and parts of adjacent SD. An approaching upper level system and Pacific trough should allow for a surface low to develop out over eastern Montana, and as the GFS is...